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Fraser-Johnston® Heating & Air Conditioning home comfort systems are designed and built to provide maximum quality, comfort, and efficiency to your home. Whether you're looking for a furnace, an air conditioner or a complete heating and cooling solution , your Fraser-Johnston® Dealer can evaluate factors such as your home's size, age, number of rooms, regional climate, and utility costs to select the best system for your home.



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Fraser-Johnston® encourages professionalism through North American Technician Excellence, Inc.(NATE). NATE is the leading certification program for technicians in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry, and is the only test supported by the entire industry.

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Earning the ENERGY STAR® means products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. When compared to standard models, ENERGY STAR® products are between 15 and 25% more efficient. This model meets ENERGY STAR® requirements for energy efficiency.

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Product Details
PRODUCTAHR - Single Piece Air Handler
CAPACITY1.5 - 5 Tons
Heat ExchangerN/A
Parts10-Year Limited*

The AHR Air Handler line offers the ultimate in comfort, sound and application flexibility. This unit may be used for upflow, downflow, horizontal right, or horizontal left applications. No special kits are required to install this deluxe product.

All residential air handlers and coils may use a TXV to provide our customers with the optimum performance and refrigerant control required for 13 + Seer systems. Air handlers are available with “Flex-coils” without a factory installed metering device, where for added flexibility, a R-22 or R-410A TXV can be field installed to meet your refrigerant choice.

  • Thermal Expansion Valve - Provides the ultimate refrigerant control required for today’s high efficient systems. The UPG bolt-on TXV provides easy installation to convert the air handler to the required refrigerant, which is a true bolt-on design that does not require brazing to replace or install.
  • Insulated Cabinet - All air handler cabinets are thermally insulated with 3/4” foil faced insulation to prevent sweating.
  • Durable Finish Inside and Out - Air handler casings are made of pre-painted galvanized steel which provides a better paint to steel bond that resists corrosion and rust creep. All internal coil sheet metal parts are made of G60 galvanized or prepainted G30 galvainzed.
  • Filters - All models have internal filter racks provided for use with 1” thick standard size filters.
  • Electric Heat Kits - The 6 HK series of field installed electric heat kits are available for installation friendly and easy service applications. These 6 HK kits are available from 2 to 25 kW heat capacity.
  • Blowers - All models use 3 speed PSC motors to provide cooling SEER rating versatility.

*Must be installed on or after May 1st, 2009, and registered online within 90 days of installation. Otherwise, the warranty reverts to the standard warranty as published in the product warranty certificate.


Consumer Brochure - Single Piece and Modular Air HandlersPUBL-6329-D-0812.PDF612
Installation Accessory - 1FB1817, 1FB1821, and 1FB1824 Combustible Floor Base Accessory913371-UAI-B-0814.PDF52
Installation Accessory - Electric Heater Accessory (6HK SERIES)5181703-UAI-B-0516.PDF1680
Bottom Mount Filter Frame Accessory Kit Installation Manual - 1BR0717/817, 1BR0721/821 1160061-UAI-B-0616.PDF52
Installation Accessory - S1-32436041000 Single Point Wiring Kit for 3Ø 4HK & 6HK Electric Heat Series035-23122-001-E-0217.PDF22
Installation Manual - AHR Series 4 Position Single Piece Air Handler1053681-UIM-B-0514.PDF866
Repair Parts - AHR Series Single Piece Air Handlers, PSC Motor, Flex Coil Models "Style A"035-23083-001-F-0813.PDF347
Repair Parts - 6HK Series Electric Heat Accessory Kits "Style A"035-23055-001-H-0216.PDF518
Submittal Data Sheet - AHR Series Single Piece Air Handler, Split System Coil1055362-USD-B-0514.PDF90
Technical Guide - AHR18 thru 60* Single Piece PSC Air Handlers1055361-BTG-D-0514.PDF164
User Manual - Residential Air Handlers1060254-UUM-A-0713.PDF83