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Fraser-Johnston® Heating & Air Conditioning home comfort systems are designed and built to provide maximum quality, comfort, and efficiency to your home. Whether you're looking for a furnace, an air conditioner or a complete heating and cooling solution , your Fraser-Johnston® Dealer can evaluate factors such as your home's size, age, number of rooms, regional climate, and utility costs to select the best system for your home.



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Fraser-Johnston® encourages professionalism through North American Technician Excellence, Inc.(NATE). NATE is the leading certification program for technicians in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry, and is the only test supported by the entire industry.

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Earning the ENERGY STAR® means products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. When compared to standard models, ENERGY STAR® products are between 15 and 25% more efficient. This model meets ENERGY STAR® requirements for energy efficiency.

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Product Details
PRODUCTAVV-Variable Capacity Air Handler
CAPACITY1.5 - 5 Tons
EFFICIENCY<FONT face=Arial>Up to 20 SEER<BR>Matched with the 20 SEER Variable Capacity AL21 &amp; HL20 Outdoor Units</FONT>
Heat ExchangerN/A
Parts10 Years Limited *
 The AVV Air Handler model line offers the ultimate in comfort, low sound and application flexibility. This unit can be used in upflow, downflow, horizontal right and horizontal left applications with no additional parts or kits.
All AVV air handlers employ a high efficiency ECM variable speed, constant CFM blower motor and a factory mounted EEV valve.  The AVV product line is specifically designed to match with the YZV and YXV high-efficiency variable capacity outdoor units.  The AVV is designed to work as part of a 4-wire communicating system which employs the Hx™ Wi-Fi Thermostat for control.
  • Rigid Case Construction - an interior endoskeleton provides structural support eliminating screw heads protruding from the side of the cabinet that could damage property when being installed. 
  • Cabinet – Constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel with a primer and finish coat providing a high quality corrosion resistant finish.
  • MaxAlloy Coil - Long life aluminum coils built to deliver lasting performance, efficiency and reliability.
  • Foil faced insulation -The entire cabinet is insulated with a single piece of cleanable foil faced insulation retained by the endoskeleton. The cabinet design is such that all edges of the insulation are contained.
  • Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) - Factory installed and sized to match with specific YZV and YXV high-efficiency variable capacity outdoor units.
  • Compact Cabinet - With the coil and access doors removed the AVV air handler has a 20.5” casing depth in all models, which provide ease of attic access and space constrained applications.
  • Thermoset Drain Pan - Corrosion and UV resistant with a positive slope for proper drainage.  Low water retention design maximizes indoor air quality and consumer comfort. 
  • Low Leakage Cabinet Design - Fully gasketed doors minimizes air leakage to no more than 2% when measured at 1.0” esp. minimizing conditioned air leakage and infiltration.
  • Integrated Filter Rack - All models have an internal filter rack for use with 1” thick standard size filters.
  • Electric Heat Kits - Single and three phase field installed electric heat kits are available from 5 through 25 kW.  Make sure to check the tech guide for proper application. These electric heat kits are common between the different air handler families including the modular designs.   
  • ECM Variable Speed Motors - All models use variable speed ECM motors for efficient, quietest operation.  The blower can be independently controlled to optimize the system for specific comfort requirements.
  • Duct Flange - Four sided duct flange is supplied to be field installed when required.



Fraser-Johnston Reliant Variable Capacity Residential SystemsFJ RELIANT VARIABLE CAPACITY RRESIDENTIAL SYSTEMS.PDF1784
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Installation Manual - AVV Variable Speed ECM Single Piece Multi-position Air Handlers with Factory Installed EEV5373262-UIM-B-0617.PDF2439
Quick Reference Guide - AVV Single-Piece Variable Speed ECM Multi-position Residential Air Handlers with Factory Installed EEV5293651-URG-A-0317.PDF265
Technical Guide - AVV Single Piece Variable Speed ECM Communicating Air Handlers with EEV5322579-BTG-E-0717.PDF395
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